Okay, I’m pretty happy with Jekyll and how it works so far. I’ve been able to import old Wordpress posts that I cared to save, and get them correctly displaying images. But there was more work to be done. Specifically, while the default settings were not exactly ugly neither was there the sort of look I had in mind. I didn’t need anything particularly fancy. A quick search found a few websites devoted to Jekyll themes, and of the ones which were simple that I liked, Lagom seemed easiest to integrate into the Jekyll work I had already done.

From there, it was simply changing a few defaults like highlight color and logo.png and some boilerplate text. I may go further, adding a background and changing some default heading sizes and maybe even the font, but for now, this has been a pleasant step in the right direction.

I’m also experimenting with an auto-publish plugin… we’ll see if this works.


16 March 2016