I play a shardmind in my friend Andy's 4e D&D campaign - and while the stock figure (there's only one Shardmind figure available right now) is a nice enough one, it's entirely the wrong color.
The option to paint it is there, of course, but part of the charm of the figure is that it's translucent. I figured that casting a single copy in green-tinted transparent plastic (while of dubious legality) would elegantly solve my problem.
I went with Smooth-Cast 325 which cures transparent, figuring that I'd then tint the surface with a green Sharpie, and then paint the rest of the mini as normal. Unfortunately, the tiny and very jagged mini was very difficult to mold using Composimold, and worse than that, while Smooth-Cast 300 will release (with difficulty) from such a mold, Smooth-Cast 325 absolutely will not. There's some reaction between the Composimold and the SC-325 which makes the SC-325 foam up slightly, convoluting the figure, making it appear white, and inextricably gluing the hard SmoothCast to the rubbery mold.
I feel a little defeated by this, which only makes me more determined to get it right, so I'll probably make a no-bullshit silicone mold which I'll only ever use once in order to make my Nameless Shardmind miniature.


21 February 2011