So here I am in no-bullshit Afghanistan.

I'm at a place called Camp Dwyer - this is really enough information, OpSec-wise. Despite the fact that I am a no-bullshit school-trained 0311, I almost never actually leave the wire on patrols. I am in the very worst sense of the word, a Fobbit. I regularly have access to two military networks, both of which block LiveJournal and my own 'blog even during morale hours. There is an Internet 'cafe' (no coffee is served and in fact no drinks are permitted, so why they call it a cafe is beyond me) run by contractors at the behest of the Morale, Welfare and Recreation folks. It is two miles away from my end of the base, and usually I can't be bothered.
There is WiFi up in my neck of the woods, which I am using right now. It's for-pay, which strikes me as ridiculous as the signal they're asking me to pay for is already being paid for by the US Taxpayer, and anyway the rates they charge are OUTRAGEOUS. But here I am, using it.
I generally cannot read LJ. Or post to it. I spent last night getting a bit caught up, but I do not anticipate paying the monthly fee for the WiFi around here, and so LJ reading and updates are likely to be thin on the ground. Strangely, I have better luck with G+.
More personally, I'm doing well. I'm very busy, and somehow keep making more work for myself by speaking up about things that are messed up. I met the Commandant and the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, which was pretty alright.
I know that the PMRP Halloween Big Broadcast is coming together, and I really look forward to hearing about it when the thing goes down, and hope you'll all break many legs.


05 October 2011